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Hello, my name is Karthik. I am a web designer. I wish to create and design websites as well as blogs.  And I like to write articles by analyzing. Because I can learn lots when I analyze more. So, I create a website to publish news articles. That is NewSmartTamil. I will post truthful articles, as everyone can understand easily which has studied with collected details. I will post the correct articles only. Never post any fake details.

Reading is a good habit. A man will become a complete man by reading. Our knowledge will increase when we read good things. I post new useful articles on this website. You can get benefits by reading those articles. I study lots of things on the internet. I write good and useful articles with gathered details by researching on the internet. By that, I am also learning more. It will be more useful and helpful to our life when we read books, newspapers and other readable stuff. It is so good if we do it as a routine habit. We are able to make better our life if we know lots of good things by reading. People’s current life is running so rapidly. No time to spend on reading. We should allocate a few minutes or hours for reading. I will try to post new articles always. The main purpose of this website is, convey new and useful things to the visitors who follow this website. You can read articles in various categories if you pursue this site.  I post news in these categories such as business, entertainment, sports, technology, health, and place. Definitely, you will be able to read the latest and useful news articles.

Why I keep the site name as Newsmarttamil is to tell the latest and useful news in the Tamil language. There are so many websites on the internet. But some people cannot understand other languages. So I think that I should design a website in the Tamil language. I believe that it is so useful to the people who understand Tamil. I post every article in Tamil.

I create this website in September 2018. I like that more visitors should come to my site. I think this website will gain more viewers in the future. Please visit my site to know the latest things and to read useful articles. Please share the articles with your friends and also share them on Social Media. Others will get benefits from your sharing.

You can express your thoughts and feedback to develop this website. It will be more useful to me. If you have any questions please contact my website`s Contact Us page or my official e-mail address. My official e-mail address is Don`t forget to follow this website`s social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thank you, Friends,

Yours sincerely,


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